Module drawing_pencil on wood pannel_40X55cm_2023




Module painting_oil on canvas_224X162cm_2023





Module painting_oil on canvas._260X162cm_2023




White scenery_color pencil on canvas_61X91cm_2023





Flower_pencil on canvas_41X53cm_2023





Hidden pink_oil on cavnas_65.3X46cm_2023





White scenery_pencil and oil on canvas_65.1X90.0cm_2023





Blue meat_color pencil on canvas_53X41cm_2023





Black and white scenery_pencil on canvas_61X91cm_2023





White scenery_pencil on canvas_91X65cm_2023





Ambush_oil on canvas_97X162cm_2023





White scenery_pencil on canvas_61X91cm_2023







Module drawing_pencil on wood pannel_39X54.5cm_2023