For my king_oil on canvas_162X336cm_2012






         Camouflage_oil on canvas_72.7X121cm_2012




         Camouflage_oil on canvas_112X194cm_2012






          An abstract_mixed media_170X368cm_2012






          Snipers_oil on canvas_100X200cm_2012






         ΰ_oil on canvas_77X33cm(each)_2012






         Gaya_oil on canvas_112X194_2012






         հݺ_oil on panel_27X19cm_2012




         ͺ_oil on panel_27X19cm_2012




         κ_oil on panel_27X19cm_2012






         Every separation comes always early_oil on canvas_80.3X116.8cm_2011




         Something_oil on canvas_60.6X72.7cm_2011






         I miss something that I didn't have_oil on canvas_72.7X100cm_2011






         War boy_oil on canvas_80.3X116.8cm_2011






         Father's bicycle_oil on canvas_60.6X72.7cm_2011






         A sculpture_oil on canvas_60.6X72.7cm_2011






         A sculptor_oil on canvas_60.6X72.7cm_2011






         Don't go away_oil on canvas_60.6X72.7cm_2011






         3 _oil on canvas_116.8X80.3_2011






         Shoot_oil on canvas_45.5X53cm_2011






         Paintorama 2_oil on canvas_72.7X273cm_2011






         Paintrawing_oil on canvas_65X91cm_2010






         ģ_oil on canvas_80.4X145cm_2011






         Paintrawing_oil on canvas_65X91cm_2010






        Man of la mancha_oil on canvas_91X72.7cm_2011






         Paintrawing_oil on canvas_116.8X80.3cm_2011